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Mobile COVID Testing in Los Angeles

LA Mobile Labs offers mobile COVID testing anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles Areain your workplace, at a venue, at the airport, or even in the comfort of your own home.

Receive a 35% discount when you book an appointment online! Walk-ins are also available.

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Mon-Sat: 7am-9pm
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Two Test Options

LA Mobile Labs offers two COVID-19 tests for your needs: PCR and rapid antigen.

Mobile COVID Testing

Our team of medical professionals will travel to your location to administer accurate COVID-19 tests.

Accurate & Fast

The rapid antigen COVID test we perform produces accurate results in approximately 12 minutes.

About Our Services

LA Mobile Labs is dedicated to preventing the spread of COVID-19. When you get tested, you can stop the spread of the virus. The tests we offer provide accurate results. Get your PCR test results in time for your international flight, or use our walk-in services to get a rapid antigen test. No matter the reason you need a test, our services are designed to make getting one as convenient and easy as possible.


PCR Testing

PCR is an acronym for polymerase chain reaction. This type of test is the most accurate for detecting the virus and is required for international flights.


Results to Your Phone

You don’t have to wait for results in the mail or for our team to call you. We email or text the results directly to your phone for your convenience. 


In-Home Testing

Both types of tests can be performed in the comfort of your own home. We can travel to your home and perform the test you requested. We wear gloves and masks when performing these tests, so you remain protected.


Rapid Antigen Test

The rapid antigen test is a faster test that is not as accurate but still very accurate. It provides patients with results in about 12 minutes after testing.


Results on Time

PCR test results can be sent in 48 hours, while rapid tests give results in 12 minutes. If you need results sooner, ask us to expedite the process for 24-hour delivery.


Testing Anywhere in LA

Our mobile testing team is capable of testing you anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area. Let us test you in your home, workplace, an event, or even the airport. You can also visit our facility to get tested. The choice is yours!

Our Professional Medical Team

LA Mobile Labs is staffed by professional medical staff who have years of experience. The team is supervised and managed by a doctor with an active medical practice.

When administering the COVID-19 antigen test, a medical staff member will insert a swab into your nasal cavity or throat. Then, our team tests the swab for specific proteins associated with the COVID-19 virus. This process takes about 12 minutes to produce results.

The PCR test is performed similarly, but the process of analysis is different. A PCR test is analyzed much more thoroughly in order to identify specific traces of the COVID-19 virus. This test is the most accurate option, which is why it is required for international flights.

Why Choose LA Mobile Labs


Safer Method

You shouldn’t have to risk contracting the virus when you may not have it. Our in-home mobile COVID testing helps you stay safe. Our medical staff wears all the necessary equipment to ensure your safety and prevent the further spread of the virus.

Professional Medical Team

Our professional medical staff has extensive experience in the field of medicine and is managed by a doctor with active medical practice. They know the importance of COVID-19 testing and are highly trained to follow safety protocols. 

Critical Results

The results you receive from our team are accurate and fast. Our rapid COVID test can give you results in 12 minutes. For those who need a PCR test, you have the option to get your results within 24 hours when our team expedites the results.

Benefits of Our Testing Services

As you already know, getting tested for COVID-19 reduces the spread and saves lives. If you are experiencing symptoms, get tested so you know if you must quarantine yourself. LA Mobile Labs’ testing options and services are beneficial to those who would like to minimize their presence to others. 

We offer mobile testing services, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. If you do have the virus, getting out for a test can expose other healthy people. Our services allow you to stay home and prevent the spread. You don’t have to worry about our team exposing you because we follow all the necessary procedures to prevent the spread. Our team wears masks and gloves to make sure you are safe through the test.

Of course, our services can be performed all over the Los Angeles area. Do you have an upcoming international flight? Give us a call to meet you at the airport. We’ll provide you with the LAX COVID testing you need. Get tested today to stay safe and help others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you test me and my family at the same time?

Yes! We are capable of testing multiple people at once. When contacting us for tests, let us know how many tests you would like. 

Our services can test employees, event guests, and many others all in one setting.

Do you allow walk-ins at your physical location?

Yes! We allow walk-ins at our physical location. Visit our walk-ins page to make your deposit for a visit. Once there, our team will perform the test you request and provide the results soon after.

If you’d like to save on your COVID test, schedule an appointment online for a 35% discount!

What types of tests does LA Mobile Labs offer?

We offer two different types of tests: PCR and rapid antigen. 

The choice of the test is up to you. Those who have an upcoming international flight require a PCR test, while those simply needing to be tested for quarantine reasons can benefit from the antigen test.

What causes false negatives in COVID-19 testing?
Getting tested too early after coming into contact with someone with the virus can lead to a false negative. This is due to the body taking some time to produce traces the virus. The COVID-19 false negatives rate is approximately 2%, but studies are still determining the proper rate of success.
Where can you test in Los Angeles?

LA Mobile Labs can test you anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area. We often get calls to test patients in their own homes, workplaces, and at the airport. We can also test you in our own facility if you prefer.

Schedule COVID Testing in Los Angeles, CA

LA Mobile Labs is available every day of the week for those needing a COVID-19 test. You can contact us by giving our mobile COVID testing team a call or fill out the form. Either way, you’ll receive professional and prompt COVID testing anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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